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A dual occupancy is a term for two dwellings on a single lot. In accordance with the Queensland Planning Provisions, under the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014, a dual occupancy is defined as: “Premises containing two dwellings on one lot (whether or not attached) for separate households.” A common example of a dual occupancy is a house behind a house, two home units under one roof or a duplex, be it attached or detached. A dual occupancy cannot be subdivided; however, utilities can be separated between the two dwellings.

Why build a dual occupancy?

Dual occupancy homes offer a great investment and tend to attract a number of different types of buyers, including people who want to live in one of the dwellings and passively earn income off leasing the second dwelling. They also attract families with older children or elderly parents, so they are able to stay close by while maintaining the independence of their own dwelling. Another great option for a dual occupancy is the flexibility it affords for holiday homes. Permanently let or AIRBNB one side or both sides, giving you the opportunity to have a holiday home at your leisure, but still earning income whilst you are not there.

Dual occupancy designs are ideal for when a block cannot be subdivided, but you still want two dwellings on the single property, as it still provides many of the benefits of subdividing and allows for two self-sustaining dwellings.

Your Council zone will determine if a Dual Occupancy is permitted on your land. Therefore, before you make any decisions, talk to us and our Town Planner to discuss options for your next Dual Occupancy to ensure a smooth process to build.

Dual Occupancy Designs

The Mackenzie Studio


A good Dual Occupancy design makes best use of the land and creates two fully separate dwellings that can be sold under a single title. A Dual Occupancy is generally built if you land is not able to be split. The homes can be joined by a common ‘party wall’ or can stand totally separate to each other, and commands additional paperwork with council, including meeting the relevant zoning requirements and possible council fees to approve.

Perfect for investors, you can choose to rent one and live in the other, rent out both or sell one of the homes.

With this in mind, our McKenzie Studio design offers a flexible design and keeps both homes completely separate to each other.

Each dwelling has their own private outdoor space and separate entrances.

Based on our Luxe inclusions, you will find an array of choice for your tiles, carpet, and kitchen stone bench tops.

The Mackenzie design can be customised to suit, however, it can be adapted to an array of corner lot sizes and can fit to a narrow lot design from 6.6m frontage.

Looking for more choice? Get in touch today to seek more designs that could suit your lot size.

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