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Knockdown Rebuild

If you have a tricky site, be it sloping, narrow or an odd shape, then get in touch to talk about how we can make the most of your land.

Realising your dream home is something we can help with! If you love your location but the cost benefit to moving is no longer viable, then let's have a chat and consider all of the options.

Most people may not have all the information on hand to consider why knocking down and rebuilding could be a more cost effective option. At first glance, the costs can be scary, mostly as they are unknown! So we've outlined a few of the costs for you to get you started.

How can we help? When you begin to run a numbers check on your project, give us a call and we can meet for a no obligation free chat to ensure you have covered all the possible out of pocket expenses off.

What are some of the elements I may need to consider?

A current knockdown rebuild project in Woody Point, Brisbame

How does the process work?

There are a few steps in the process to knocking down and preparing to rebuild. Follow along below and always get in touch if you have any further questions.

Your New Home Consultant will get in touch to arrange a visit to the site to get an overall picture. From this meeting, we are trying to establish your objectives and thoughts around developing the site and potential suitable designs. There is no cost for this service. Local council regulations and overlays vary from block to block which are likely to drive planning and/or design considerations for your project.

Next, you have a no obligation, no cost meeting with one of our preferred planning or design consultants and your G.J. New Home Consultant to have a preliminary discussion to the feasibility of the development and a preliminary budget would be established

Now the site feasibility has been reviewed and an ideal build budget has been established, a fee proposal will be provided to you free of charge outlining the site and any estimated planning costs associated with your design from either one of the homes in our designer range or a complete custom design. Once the fee proposal is accepted then you can move onto the design and application phase.

It is at this point we arrange all relevant site reports to be completed as required. These may involve slope stability reports, bushfire reports, identification surveys, HSTP reports, flood reports, acoustic reports etc.  Simultaneously, we are designing your new home! 

Once known reports have been ordered and completed, and your new home design has come to life in a plan set, we now send to these to our Estimator to price.  This process can be complex and timely, especially if there is a considerable amount of input needed by external suppliers.  We will keep you up to date on your pricing throughout the process. 



Hooray!  You have accepted the price and we now exchange contracts! 

Now that you have all of your structural elements in place, the fun begins with colours!  Our friendly Colour Consultant will take you on a 3 hour journey of colours and materials to ensure your new home is just perfect!

We’re getting serious now!  From colour selection, we begin to order all of the important elements such as working drawings, engineering and planning/council approvals. 

On receipt of a planning approval there are often a number of requirements and a list of fees/infrastructure charges to be paid by you. On your acceptance of these, we proceed to lodge for final building approval!

Let the fun begin!  You can now watch your new home come to life!


Still have questions? No problem! Talk to us...

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