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Azura Building Group offer a range of town home designs to suit your budget and land size. Have you already got a plan to suit you land? If so, we offer competitive tendering to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your design. Like what you see? Talk to us!

Townhome, Townhouse or Terrace Development - let us help you decide

Azura Building Group is significantly experienced in building multi-unit townhouse developments. As a division of Thompson Building Group, we can help you determine which is the better outcome for your land development.

If you have a larger block, and your zoning is favourable, investing in a multi-unit development could be very rewarding. The costs are higher and the time it takes may be longer, but with the right sales price, the return on an investment like this can be fantastic!

There are numerous costs to consider before breaking ground and it's important to complete a high level due diligence prior to determining the best building outcome for your land.

Quite often, irreversible mistakes can be made in the early development phase when it comes to building outcomes. Make the most of your land and more importantly, gain the best return as possible with strategic forward planning.

Costs to Consider

There are many costs involved in a development. You will need to calculate all of your costs so that you know what you need to sell or rent them for in order to get your find out if this development is profitable.

  • Land purchase costs including transaction and holding costs
  • Construction costs (talk to us!)
  • Town Planner - we have a few readily available to help!
  • Development application and council fees
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Civil costs, engineering and bulk earth works
  • Legal costs
  • Surveying
  • Title registration
  • Marketing fees
  • Interest on your loan
  • Strata costs/fees

Talk to us about your land development to make the most of it from the getgo!

Your new home or development isn't our first!